Snowmass Conference

This category is for information and discussions regarding the Snowmass Conference.  The leader for this forum is Rory McEntee.

Satyana Institute

This discussion forum is dedicated to the mission and programs of the Satyana Institute directed by Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix. The website address is

The Contemplative Alliance

The Contemplative Alliance was founded in 2008 at the Aspen Institute campus with over 200 faith and spiritual leaders and practitioners, and has been working to bring… Read more »

Integral & Interspiritual: How They are Intertwined

This discussion forum will explore the inter-relationship between “Integral” and “Interspiritual.”  Here we might explore how integral perspectives might help individuals to develop holistic interspiritual knowledge and… Read more »

Spiritual Paths Foundation

Spiritual Paths convenes distinguished teachers to convey the transformative principles and theories of the world’s spiritual traditions, and to train students the practices of meditation and contemplation. We… Read more »