Interfaith to Interspirituality, by Rev. Deborah Steen Ross and Rabbi Roger Ross

A Natural Progression By Rev. Deborah Steen Ross Rabbi Roger Ross The word “Interfaith” has been around for many years. It became popular in the 1970’s, thanks… Read more »


From my 4 day program at SUNY Binghamton has spun off not only some major new opportunitities for us but also a new group to partner with… Read more »

New Ezine on InterSpirituality, by Namaste Publishing

Namaste Publishing has just released its latest Ezine entitled “The Growth of INTERSPIRITUALITY IN AN ECOLOGICAL AGE. This edition contains articles by many leading voices in the interspiritual… Read more »

Reshaping Religion:  Interspirituality and Multiple Religious Belonging,  by  Matthew Wright

A thesis submitted to the faculty of the Department of Practical Theology of the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia in partial fulfillment of the requirements for… Read more »

The Emerging Interspiritual Age, by Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord

The Emerging Interspiritual Age  Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord There is a profound historical process currently unfolding– the rapid manifestation of a globally emergent “universal spirituality”… Read more »