Guidelines for InterSpiritual Discussions

As we work together to define and refine this site, I wanted to share the attached Guidelines for InterSpiritual Discussions that I have used in our Spiritual… Read more »

Purpose and Guidelines for this Site

WELCOME TO INTERSPIRITUAL DISCUSSIONS ! The purpose is to create an interspiritual commons where teachers/mentors/leaders can communicate with each other about the general development of interspirituality and… Read more »

Defining InterSpirituality

I offer the following, general descriptions of the terms “InterSpirituality”  and “InterSpiritual” that I wrote in “InterSpiritual Meditation.”  Please regard these as one of many possible perspectives… Read more »

General Discussions

This category is for general discussions that have not yet been assigned a specific category or that combines categories.

InterSpiritual Programs

This discussion forum is for information and conversations about upcoming programs by any of our members.