Defining Interspirituality


All: Several Interfaith-Interspiritual Clergy came together with the support of the Holy Rascals and OUnI organizations to create this video that talks about interfaith-interspiritual weddings.  It is… Read more »

“Syncretism” was NOT a word I expected at the ‘Dawn of Interspirituality’ Conference

During one of the morning “break out” sessions at the Dawn of Interspirituality Conference, I was, well, “shocked” to hear one of the speakers say that we… Read more »

A Possible Definition for the Term “Inter-spiritual.”

When it comes to possible definitions of inter-spiritual, I’d like to offer the rather terse statement below into the mix.  As you know from our many conversations,… Read more »

Walking an Interspiritual Path

Interspirituality To walk an interspiritual path is to travel through the wilderness with open hands and a courageous spirit.  It is to navigate with the heart and… Read more »

Defining Interspirituality

Hi all: Perhaps it was a “Fruedian slip” but during last night’s phone meeting for the leadership circle of the Community of The Mystic Heart, I overheard… Read more »