Interspiritual Association/Network

BIG I Conference on Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness… March 7-9, ’14

Rami Shapiro, Rev. Claire Goodman and I would like to invite you all to the third annual BIG I Conference on Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness.  This is… Read more »

Communicating “interspiritually” & working with the word “network”

You might notice that I added the word “network” to our title. Given the comments to date, it seems prudent to work with this term for a… Read more »

Association, By-Laws, Ego, and Power

I want to lend my voice to Tim Miner’s push for a network rather than an association. As soon as we organize interspirituality (by whatever spelling) into… Read more »

Interspiritual “NETWORK” not an “Association”

Hi Everyone: It is obvious that we have a widely evolving group of individuals and organizations already moving forward with the concept of “Interspirituality.”  During the last meeting… Read more »

Vision for an Association

Following is the draft wording for the vision for the association that emerged during our discussions during the Dawn of InterSpirituality conference.  First is the draft vision…. Read more »