Interspiritual Practices

Time to Register for the BIG I Conference on Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness

Hi All…. Time to register for the next conference in our “series.”  This is the third annual BIG I Conference for Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness.  This… Read more »

Some interspiritual thoughts :)

Some New Year’s thoughts for our spiritual paths 🙂 We are the heirs of the religions, the inheritors of their wealth. As members of an emerging global… Read more »


All: Several Interfaith-Interspiritual Clergy came together with the support of the Holy Rascals and OUnI organizations to create this video that talks about interfaith-interspiritual weddings.  It is… Read more »

Interspiritual Practice– What I Hear “In the Mail”

I get a lot of email traffic from people keying into our network, especially through Community of The Mystic Heart.  There is a pattern to this– many… Read more »

Sharing Interspiritual Practices

Yesterday, Mirabai and I had a good conversation by phone and agreed that the site needed a new category called “Interspiritual Practices.”  This discussion forum can provide… Read more »