The Interspiritual Network is pleased to have supported, and innovated projects and initiatives in, Ecospirituality since its inception.

Below are links for the projects and initiatives directly grown from the members and organizations of The Interspiritual Network.

FROM SELF CARE TO EARTH CARE  Since 2014, providing luminary programs, events and materials on the relationship of Self Care, Earth Care and everything in between.  This website, for “Interspirituality and Eco-Spirituality” is updated regularly with quality materials, videos and news.   Dr. Kurt Johnson and Yanni Maniates of the Interspiritual Network are hosts.

FORUM 21 INSTITUTE A forum for non-governmental organizations at the United Nations, Forum 21 is regular partner of the Interspiritual Network in eco-spiritual programs, particularly the annual Self Care to Earth Care events.   From the Interspiritual Network, Dr. Kurt Johnson is Director of Life Sciences and Yanni Maniates Director of Eco-Ministries.

INSIDE OUT JOURNEYS  Yanni Maniates, Director of Eco-Ministries for Forum 21, hosts diverse pages on eco-spirituality, including the Eco-Activist Newsletter.

PROCESS SPIRITUALITY  T. S. Pennington of the Interspiritual Network hosts this page specializing in eco-spiritual and environmental issues and assisting with the Eco-Activist Newsletter

ECOFAITH SANTA BARBARA  Dr. Ed Bastian of The Interspiritual Network is co-founder of ECOFaith Santa Barbara and a member of the United Religions Initiative Environmental Cooperation Circle.

THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE  Dr. Kurt Johnson updates this page with pertinent Ecospiritual content concerning the global process of  “Waking Up and Growing Up”.

AN ASSOCIATION OF ECO-SPIRITUAL ADVOCATES This Facebook Page was created to serve all of the above groups on Facebook and link in the wider Eco-Ministries communities nationally and internationally.

ROOTED IN PEACE Our long term associate, filmmaker Greg Reitman, takes us on a cinematic journey to take notice, stop the cycle of violence, and seek ways to find personal and ecological peace.