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Rumination on Contemplation
Rev. Mac Legerton

We develop a way of sitting in silence and stillness. We begin learning to sustain the presence gained in sitting throughout our daily lives. Our sitting practice expands. Our life of contemplation becomes the fullness of our daily living and practice. We learn to enter, live in, and love through the unceasing presence of sacred space. Our life becomes a constant, perpetual, and endless contour of the sacred cause. Our words become the utterance of love, preceded and followed by the deep silence of the divine. We recess the rush, stop, halt the hurry, decelerate the dash, tender our troubles, and live in the unction while we function. While we move through the flux of our days and lives, we learn to love the unexpected, and our lives take on the distinctive pattern of the divine, sustaining the pitch of presence, the tone our tenderness, and the infinite stress on the sacred. We organize all our relations in this same way and learn how to be to-gether – to-gather – ourselves in this space as a powerful we through which we shape ourselves and society. We face danger and are not afraid. We face conflict and are not disturbed. We carry forward, incarnating compassion and shifting our human frailties, in all our individual and cultural forms, away from harm and destruction. May we do this together, may we be vessels and may the power of our actions shift and move our other humanimals, and all of our human systems toward the justness and equanimity, that we all know in our hearts, is both necessary and possible.


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