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”It is the supreme science of yoga. It is the Divine Art of “Being blissful being”; which actually means “being in balance blissfully”

At the same time, Sri Yogasth Vidya is the science, knowledge, and wisdom of the highest order and most needed today. Science beyond all sciences Sri Yogasth Vidya is the Yoga Vidya of ultimate truth and of course, most secret and sacred, knowing which all is known. Sri Yogasth Vidya is the practical wisdom of “ Being-Becoming-Balancing “. Its methodology and knowledge enable one to live in Abundance, Enlightenment, Peace, Wisdom, and Bliss Eternally. Sri Yogasth Vidya is the highest form of yoga sadhana that teaches one alignment of body, mind, soul, and world around. The Vidya enables one to live in complete Abundance, Aloneness, and Absoluteness. One starts living in the dynamic state of Samadhi i.e. YOGASTH AWASTHA wherefrom flow all actions of A yogi…..” yogasth kuru karmaani”. One of the greatest aims of this Vidya is to live in yogawastha all the time while living in a world of objects and enjoying its fruits. From noumenal to phenomenal a harmony is created, a perfect mixture of yoga and bhoga happens.

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