Swami Vivekananda



Swami Vivekananda was a well known spiritual gaint of India who became famous with his representation of Hinduism at the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago in 1893. His deep spiritual insight, fervid eloquence, brilliant conversation, broad human sympathy, and inspirational personality made an irresistible appeal to any one who came in contact with him.

In America Vivekananda’s mission was the interpretation of India’s spiritual culture, especially in its Vedantic setting. He also tried to enrich the religious consciousness of the Americans through the rational and humanistic teachings of the Vedanta philosophy. In America he became India’s spiritual ambassador and pleaded eloquently for better understanding between India and the New World in order to create a healthy synthesis of East and West, of religion and science.

Vivekananda strove to promote peace and human brotherhood on the spiritual foundation of the Vedantic Oneness of existence. A mystic of the highest order, Vivekananda had a direct and intuitive experience of Reality. He derived his ideas from that unfailing source of wisdom and often presented them in the soulstirring language of poetry. In the course of a short life of thirty-nine years (1863-1902), he wrote a treasure of literature on Hindu philosophy and organized the Ramakrishna Order of monks, which is the most outstanding religious organization of modern India.



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