The Order of Eremitic Servants

Misner Road, Culdesac, ID, United States



The Order of Eremitic Servants is an interfaith monastic order of men and women who have chosen to dedicate themselves to prayer, meditation and the compassionate service of others. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them unique ways of promoting peace and understanding in their own communities. 
We embrace the belief that all people should have the opportunity to follow a spiritual path that is both life-giving and that inspires one to act out of compassion for others. With this in mind, we seek to cultivate an atmosphere of peace that transcends the bonds of selfish ways of thinking, such as attitudes of religious intolerance superiority. We believe that if true peace is to have the opportunity to flourish, the suffering inflicted in the name of “righteousness” must be eliminated. Furthermore, we must work to heal the pain left behind by these kinds of divisiveness.

Throughout the ages, many men and women have dedicated themselves to lives of prayerful contemplation and service to others. It is from their example that we strive to be witnesses to compassion and peace in a world where both seem to be in short supply.

Because of our interfaith nature, each of us expresses our monastic practice in a slightly different way. While we are bound by a common Rule of Life, the monastic way of someone who follows the Buddhist path will not be the same as someone who follows a Christian or even a Pagan path. We constantly strive to share our gifts as a community in a way that celebrates both our differences and our similarities, and that strengthens us as a whole. We believe that in this way, we can serve as powerful witnesses to those around us that peace and understanding are not only possible, but necessary for the betterment of our world.

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