Sacred Door Trail

Big Hole Valley, Montana



The Sacred door trail is a 165-mile interfaith pilgrimage trail that circumnavigates the Big Hole Valley in Western Montana. The Trail is a celebration of spirituality unity, peace and our connection to Earth and each other. It is compilation of pre-existing National Forest Service trails which make up a loop that explores some of the most beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers in the United States. The trail serves as a bridge deepening our connecting to ourselves, each other and to our original church, our original temple ~ Mother Earth.

What is a Pilgrimage Trail?

The purpose of a pilgrimage trail is to connect the hiker or pilgrim (seeker) to the faith that the trail represents. Through the outward journey one falls into an inward exploration of self, faith and beliefs.

The Sacred Door Trail is not about connecting the hiker to one belief system on another; rather, it is about offering a sacred space where the hiker can explore and experience their own connection to self, others and Earth through exposure to and guidance from the natural world.

Connecting Generations-

Imagine a space where you could go to connect with your great-great-grandchildren knowing that one day they too will be able to visit the same land and hike the same trail to be able to connect with you! The Sacred Door Trail is not just for us in this time; it is for our ancestors and our descendants. It is a reminder that our ancestors lived to give us life and that we too are the ancestors of those yet to come – and how our actions now will determine the world they live and thrive in.

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