Top Strategies for ROI Driven Digital Marketing

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First we need to know – What is ROI Digital marketing, it is a measure of the profit or loss generated on your digital marketing campaigns based on the amount of money you make.

The term ROI (Return on Investment) clearly defines what a company can gain or lose after investing on a particular platform.

ROI driven digital marketing means the profit or loss that an entrepreneur can make after investing an amount on a digital marketing campaign. It is very important for entrepreneurs to analyse whether they gain or lose from the investment.

2020 best services to measure ROI online marketing :

  1. Rate of conversion
  2. Per lead cost
  3. Rate of lead close
  4. Per acquisition cost
  5. Order value average

Ethane Web Technologies is working as a white label digital marketing agency. First we need to know – What is white label?

White label means when any company wants to sell their goods and services on behalf of other company. Like Walmart, is a company where all the other companies can register their products in order to increase sales in the market.

For this, entrepreneurs should take the services of white label. Ethane Web Technologies is one of the best companies that provide the services of white label to all the entrepreneurs at affordable costs.

Services given by Ethane are as follows:


  1. White Label Digital Marketing
  2. Internet Marketing for Plumbers
  3. Digital Marketing Service
  4. Medical Internet Marketing
  5. Plastic Surgery Website SEO
  6. Instagram Management Service
  7. ROI Driven Digital Marketing
  8. Chiropractic Online Marketing
  9. Chiropractor SEO Expert
  10. Ecommerce Marketing Website
  11. Healthcare Marketing Agency
  12. Marketing for Construction Companies
  13. SEO for Financial Advisers

and so on…

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