Contemporary Figures

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Kerala, India, 690525.

Amma’s Vision & Mission Seeing nothing as apart from my own Self, A single unity, and merging in the Divine Mother, I renounced all sense of enjoyment…. Read more »

Mirabai Starr: Author of crit­i­cally acclaimed new trans­la­tions of the mys­tics, and reflec­tions on the uni­fy­ing teach­ings at the heart of all spir­i­tual paths. Mirabai Starr… Read more »

Adam Blatner, M.D. 103 Crystal Springs Drive Georgetown, TX 78633-4502

Dr. Blatner was born in 1937 in Los Angeles, where he grew up. In 1955, he began at the University of California in Berkeley for his undergraduate… Read more »

Russill Paul has been presenting world class concerts and leading edge seminars across the US and Canada for the last twenty four years. His expertise, “The Yoga of… Read more »


Brooklyn, NY

Nomi Naeem is a senior librarian at the Central Library (Society, Sciences and Technology division) of Brooklyn Public Library, where, in addition to reference, technology instruction, collection… Read more »