About ISDNA: InterSpiritual Dialogue ‘n Action (ISDnA est. 2002 with Brother Wayne, initially as InterSpiritual Dialogue, ISD).  ISDnA is your host at the Multiplex and its website is… Read more »

Felix Adler Facts Dates: Born: August 13, 1851 in Alzey, Germany Died: April 24, 1933 in New York City Brought to the United States: 1857 Major Works:… Read more »


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Nomi Naeem is a senior librarian at the Central Library (Society, Sciences and Technology division) of Brooklyn Public Library, where, in addition to reference, technology instruction, collection… Read more »

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Kurt Johnson (born 1946) is an entomologist who is also a recognized figure in comparative religion and consciousness studies. His scientific career began while he was a… Read more »

Global Spirit – The Interspiritual Dialogue with Father Thomas Keating Directed by Stephen Olsson Global Spirit TV 05/13 Documentary The late Brother Wayne Teasdale coined the term… Read more »