Baba Virsa Singh ji is a holy person of biblical proportions whose powerful spirituality was first recognized when he was a child. His family lived in the… Read more »

Huston Cummings Smith (born May 31, 1919) is a religious studies scholar in the United States. His book The World’s Religions (originally titled The Religions of Man)… Read more »

Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner[3]:xvi[4] (25/27 February 1861[5] – 30 March 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, and esotericist.[6][7] Steiner gained initial recognition at the end… Read more »

Brother Wayne Teasdale, a founding member of the Spirituality branch of Integral Institute, was a tireless spokesperson for the practical power of spiritual realization. A personal friend… Read more »

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Swami Atmananda Udasin was born and raised in Europe, meditated in silence for years in the Holy Land, was a Professor of Comparative Religion, and then went… Read more »