The son of Jewish Ukrainian immigrants, Alejandro Jodorowsky was born in the north of Chile in 1929. Entering the theatre at an early age, Jodorowsky eventually enrolled at the… Read more »

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Willigis Jäger was born in 1925 in Hösbach, a village near Aschaffenburg. Soon after the end of World War II, he joined the Benedictine monastery at Münsterschwarzach,… Read more »

Sometimes the most amazing events are the most improbable. How, during a lunch of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, did a spark ignite a movement that to… Read more »

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Andrew Harvey is Founder Director of the  Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary… Read more »

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One of the best known and most respected Zen masters in the world today, poet, and peace and human rights activist, Thich Nhat Hanh has led an… Read more »