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The Order of Eremitic Servants is an interfaith monastic order of men and women who have chosen to dedicate themselves to prayer, meditation and the compassionate service… Read more »

National Ethical Service Welcome National Ethical Service is a 501(c)3 corporation. We are a non-governmental organization in association with the United Nations Department of Public Information and… Read more »

Welcome to the Community of The Mystic Heart a circle of interspiritual mystics and contemplativesoriginally envisioned as “The Universal Order of Sannyasa”by Brother Wayne Teasdale Interspirituality: The… Read more »

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The Mystic Heart Meditation Program provides a full schedule of meditation practice sessions and classes throughout the Chautauqua season. We serve those who seek the mystic experience… Read more »


Contemplative Journal boldly explores the mysteries of the universe within the context of the daily lives of our readers. The Journal focuses on spirituality, contemplative prayer, Christian… Read more »