Subtle Realm Activism Circle


See our History, and Statements of Purpose, Below the Circle Lists

A modern (1980) Sri Yantra (from a Daoist tradition) showing amazing sychronicities with the ancient tablet kept by Grand Father Morning Owl

A modern (1980) Sri Yantra (from a Daoist tradition) showing amazing sychronicities with the ancient tablet kept by Grand Father Morning Owl

      We wish to acknowledge a great gratitude to Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (; for his support of this initial joining, Dr. David Nicol and Philip Hellmich of our Circle–who also join us to the Gaiafield Subtle Activist Circle (see links below)–and these five circle members who helped “vet” language for this page:  Oscar Miro-Quesada, Grand Father Morning Owl, Roger La Borde, Diane Berke, Woody Vaspra, and Vajra Krishna.

Our Circle is a Holarchical Structure; there is no “Leader”.  For information:  Kurt Johnson ([email protected]):,

Attunement/ Shared Phone Calls:  the first Friday of each month, starting in July 2015, we are inviting leaders/allies/friends in the Field to join us on phone sharing led by a member of the Gaiafield Circle.  As a way to bring more coherence to the overall Field, this is a good opportunity to weave with members of the various Circles and assist what is wanting to unfold.  Time:  8.30am Pacific Time (11.30amEastern Time etc.) at the following number: 209-255-1000; PIN 782755#.  Please be respectful and follow the call host, who will be someone from the Gaiafield Circle. Usually there is time for open sharing in the latter part of the call, after shared silence, and the guidance of the host.

Circle Participants

Hereafter in alphabetical order by first name (see also “Associated Circles” listed further below):

Abhiram Das:

Adam Bucko:

Andrew Vidich:

Amanda Turner:

Annette Knopp:

Arjan Deva:  (contact Karuna)

Arthur M. Suggs (Rev. Dr.):

Ashley Young

Ashok Gangadean:

Aster Patel:

Buddhananda (contact Kurt Johnson)

Charandev (contact Kurt Johnson)

Dada Maheshvarananda:

David Nicol:

Desiree Hurtak:

Diane Berke:


Grand Father Morning Owl (contact Kurt Johnson)

Gurutej Khalsa:

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa:


James Barnett (contact Kurt Johnson)

James Ross Godbe:

Jeff Firewalker Schmitt:

J. J. Hurtak:


Ken Kitatani:

Kurt Johnson:

Lama Surya Das:;

Loch Kelly:

Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa:

Mac Legerton:

Michael Johnson:

Mirabai Starr:

Nita Renfrew:

Oscar Miro-Quesada:

Philip Hellmich:

Roger La Borde:

Ronit Singer:

Sachraj:  (contact Karuna)

Swami Shraddhananda:

UttamaSloka das:

Vajra Krishna:


Wilfredo Juan Baez:

Woody Vaspra:

Associated Circles

                 Associated Circles are circles of similar workers we know through The Interspiritual Network and who share this common purpose, and also activities (as these arise).  They are listed below through their major contact person(s):

Alan Sheets, SiskaTovey, and New Equations Circle:,,

This is a computer rendering of a very small ancient tablet kept by Grand Father Morning Owl.

This is a computer rendering of a very small ancient tablet kept by Grand Father Morning Owl.

Dena Merriam et al. and The Contemplative Alliance:

Diane Dunne and Paz y Luz (Peru) Circle:

Ed Zullo and his New Jersey Circle (contact Kurt Johnson)

Hanne Strong and Manitou Foundation Circle:

Inoshi and the UNU Wellness Circle:

Jim Bryden and Binghamton NY Circle (contact Kurt Johnson)

Lyra Wright and Circle:

Roman Unger, Cynthia Robinson and Paititi Institute (Brazil) Circle:,

Ron Friedman, Victoria Friedman, VISTAR Circle:

Yanni Maniates, and Interfaith Circle:

History and Statements of Purpose

                    In 2014, members of this Interspiritual Network—Oscar Miro-Quesada, Kurt Johnson, Roger La Borde and Diane Berke (see their links below) hosted a tele-summit call on “The Emerging Inter-Shamanism Inherent in the Emerging Interspiritual Age”.

An emerging dialogue, cooperation, synergy and co-working, they suggested, would be expected to inevitably arise across persons from the world’s shamanic practices (indigenous and other), the varied landscape of  “energy work”, and the contemplative practitioners that connect with ancestral wisdom keepers of their (and others’) traditions.

Brother Wayne Teasdale was himself an active part of this conversation, reflected in his comments in The Mystic Heart:  Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World’s Religions.

In fact, over thirty members of this Interspiritual Network, including many authors and spiritual constituency leaders, had been corresponding, or speaking personally, about this for some time—actually for nearly a half-decade or more.

In 2015 we were afforded the opportunity to share our discussions– some of us directly, some anonymously– with members of a similar circle formed around

 David Nicol, PhD

Director & Co-Founder

Gaiafield Project

We welcomed this, following up with a growing number of direct contacts, and gatherings.

Accordingly, we have committed ourselves to developing a cooperative and synergetic circle with these and others, in the context of all the subtleties, and even potential pitfalls, of this kind of cooperation across such a delicate, and historically deeply rooted, realm of spiritual inquiry and practice.

Selected Statements of Purpose

 Statement of Purpose from Grand Father Morning Owl

                The intention of our circle gatherings is to open ourselves to the understanding and respect of the spiritual journey, the variety of revelations and the transformational powers of each.

A rendering of Quan Yin as recorded by Grand Father Morning Owl, whose rendering of an appearance of White Buffalo Calf Woman is also well known– and prints of which are kept by a number of members of the Circle.

All evolved souls share a common Compassion.  Having awakened Compassion, we are motivated to act Altruistically.

We are all spiritual beings having human experiences.  Many of us have been here many times, through millennia.  We are actually divine beings, with our feet on the ground and our spirits in eternity.  We are also the instruments through which the ultimate reality perceives creation. We actually stand halfway between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

We are co-creators of this dream as well. At this time in human history, the technology of communication is allowing us to bring together individuals who have experienced higher dimensions and perspectives, through different doorways.

In accessing the people who have come through, or passed through, different doorways– shamans, awakened souls, from a myriad of religions, as well as seekers who sere simply “awakened” spontaneously and have no explanation, we discover that none of us has an explanation— it is simply a phenomenon.

Trying to grasp the magnitude and diversity of universal creation with the organizing computers we call our brains is comparable to measuring the ocean with a measuring cup.

Statement of Purpose from Vajra Krishna

            OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE!

           Your heart wants you to SEE the celestial world – it wants you to have DIRECT contact, to know the divine dance by interacting with those beings where they stand beside you just like any other person on Earth would… in the same CLARITY – but far more LUCID.

This is Grand Father Morning Owl's painting of the appearance of White Buffalo Calf Woman.  Prints of this painting have been shared across the network with persons sharing this visitation.

This is Grand Father Morning Owl’s painting of the appearance of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Prints of this painting have been shared across the network with persons sharing this visitation.

Your heart wants you to ground this seeing in a way where you can carry on in daily life WHILE being able to see the divine ones interact with you and discuss battle plans and laugh with the kind of mirth only possible in such a vibration of being.

Your heart wants you to have a profound bent for examination done with a free spirit, an objectivity, where you separate the imagination from the VIVID, from the truth… and actually begin to see the LIFE in the celestial world co-existing beside the one on Earth.

Your heart wants you to go beyond merely just ‘sensing’ these things, or the one off ‘glimpse’ of something ‘not quite’ once every blue moon.”

I’ve started a blog dedicated to the pure purpose of speaking only that which strengthens this specific energy.