Why an Interspiritual Association is an Oxymoron

Today, I posted this blog at the OUnI.org/blog site under the title, “No-doxy: Human Rights and Universal Church in the Interspiritual Age.”  (The term “No-doxy” is my… Read more »

Affirming the universal acceptance of Interspiritual Ministers …

Consistent with its treatment of the world’s religions and forms of spirituality, it is in the best interest of the movement that all organizations recognize that the movement is best served by multiple teachers, multiple teachings, multiple curriculums, multiple books of wisdom, and multiple communities working together as a single spiritual home.

Opportunity to Share Interspirituality with the world…this weekend.

This weekend, the Council of Interfaith Communities of the United States (CIC-USA), the umbrella that OUnI created to associate its interfaith-interspiritual-integral work with enumerated lay folks who recognize… Read more »