About The Interspiritual Network

As of 2020, the Interspiritual Network is five years into its web presence. For further information, below the original Vision and Mission Statements are short notes on the persons and entities mandated by the 2013 Dawn of Interspirituality Conference to carry on this activity on behalf of all.

About Us

The Interspiritual Network is comprised of organizations and individuals who are exploring and embracing the emerging Interspiritual paradigm for authentic understanding, collaboration and practice. The Network began with a group of fifteen to twenty volunteers at the Dawn of Interspirituality Conference at the Cascadia Center between October 1 – 4, 2013. This discussion was furthered by meetings of some seventy volunteers in New York City in February of 2014.

There was general consensus around the prose for the following Vision Statement and the points for the Mission Statement.

The following statements were drafted by these initial groups. They provide a beginning place for further refinement and embellishment as Interspiritual activities worldwide continue to evolve.


Our Vision & Mission


The Interspiritual Network brings together and supports individuals and organizations that are deeply committed to the transformative process. We provide opportunities to develop and deepen relationships, friendships and collaborations that further the Interspiritual vision of a world of compassion, peace and celebration of unity and diversity among all peoples of the world.


These are the phases that emerged regarding our mission.

  • Provide a resource for collaboration, coordination, community and conversation.
  • Provide a networking resource.
  • Facilitate communication through such web resources as the InterSpirituality.com blog.
  • Create community for those without spiritual community.
  • Expand the conversation to diverse populations.
  • Provide mutual support for individuals and organization on the transformative journey.

“The rise of community among cultures and religious traditions makes possible what we can call ‘interspirituality’: the assimilation of insights, values, and spiritual practices from the various religions and their application to one’s own inner life and development.”

– Wayne Teasdale


Towards the end of The 2013 Dawn of Interspirituality Conference (http://dawnofinterspirituality.org/2013-dawn-of-interspirituality/) a group of volunteers gathered to establish and maintain this website:


Dr. Edward Bastian (www.spiritualpaths.net)

Rev. Dr. Diane Berke (1spirit.org)

Rev. Dr. Kurt Johnson (www.isdna.org, www.thecominginterspiritualage.com, www.unity.earth, www.lightonlight.us).


The Dawn of Interspirituality Conference was sponsored by a collective of interfaith and interspiritual organizations convened through Satyana Institute (www.satyana.org). Satyana Institute, founded by Dr. William Keepin and Rev. Cynthia Brix, also now hosts DawnOfInterspirituality.org.

Who We Are

Website Volunteers

Our original website was inspired by the interspiritual wisdom and collaborative energy that grew at the “Dawn of Interspirituality” conference. Near the close of the conference, a group of folks gathered in a circle to discuss next steps. These steps included the development of a website and small ground of folks volunteered to envision and help create a site. These initial group included Diane Berke, Kurt Johnson and Ed Bastian. It gradually grew to include others including Nomi Naeem who helped with the content and others whose names await our cerebral rejuvenation. Articles were contributed by still others whose names you will see in the resource section of this site. This new website has benefitted from the donations of time and resources by Diane, Kurt and Ed. We invite your comments, suggestions and content contributions to enrich the site and to support the emerging interspiritual paradigm.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Interspiritual Network?

The Interspiritual Network was created after the 2013 Dawn of Interspirituality Conference and is described in detail throughout this site.

How Long Has the Site Existed?

The site was first posted in 2014. This revised 2020 site provides improved accuracy, security and historical information.

How should I use the Site?

Over time, the goal of this site is to list and link to the major individuals and organizations serving the emerging global interspiritual paradigm.

What else does the Interspiritual Network do?

The Interspiritual Network is an informal network comprised of mutually supportive individuals and organizations that that offer diverse perspectives, programs and materials on the emerging interspiritual paradigm. Links throughout this site will inform you about these.

What is the Purpose of the Site?

As of 2020, the site is primarily a historical site documenting the persons and organizations involved in serving the emerging global interspiritual paradigm.

What are other services associated with the Site?

Activities of the Network and its many partners are described throughout these free media, including educational programs associated with each linked partner or member. For example, participants in the Interspiritual Network include such organizations as the Charis Foundation for New Monasticism and InterSpirituality, the free e-magazine series at issuu.com/lightonlight, a free radio series on VoiceAmerica, (voiceamerica.com/show/2610/the-convergence), the Spiritual Paths Foundation, Gender Equity and Reconciliation International, One Spirit Learning Alliance, and Gathering of Light.

Contact Us

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