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The Interspiritual Network is comprised of organizations and individuals who are exploring and embracing the emerging Interspiritual paradigm for authentic understanding, collaboration and practice.

This website provides an online resource for articles, discussions, resources, individuals, organizations and events concerning the emerging interspiritual paradigm. Together we are creating a global community for sharing and cross-pollinating our respective perspectives, practices, rituals, visions and ideals. We are experiencing the profound contemplative wisdom practices at the heart of the world’s spiritual and secular traditions. We are celebrating a unity within the diversity of the world’s spiritual traditions and experiencing a new interspiritual consciousness guiding us towards a sustainable, healthy and peaceful earth for humans and all living beings.

Our network has no physical office or headquarters. This website is an online commons for connecting and supporting those who are venturing into this work. The form and content of this site will emerge gradually with the participation of all of us. Currently, the website provides information and links on over a hundred organizations and groups pursuing interspiritual work, biographies of interspiritual historical figures and pioneers, and scores of links for articles, audios, videos and websites. We hope these will assist you in your interspiritual work.



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The Growing Edge of Interspirituality

The Growing Edge of Interspirituality

As we moved toward the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions’ in Toronto, I was invited by The Interfaith Observer to write an update on the interspirituality worldwide. The Interfaith Observer (TIO) has served the interspiritual phenomenon, which is really an...

One Spirit: Community as a Container for Transformation

One Spirit: Community as a Container for Transformation

In June I had the privilege of ordaining One Spirit Interfaith Seminary’s 16th graduating class and blessing 53 new Interfaith/Interspiritual ministers into the next step of their sacred service in the world. Beyond the joy of contemplating the countless lives they...


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