Before crossing the threshold of interspiritual there is an invocation with undertones of deep bows to wu wei, the path, the Way. I Am … grateful for this moment to see a crack within the phenomenal rising and passing away of existence, through which now I step.

Two steps or philosophical propositions on the way: Moreover, as a member of, there are two major intentions that I share with each and every one of you; 1. All reference to “I” is nondual and as signified being, sufficiently personal, yet not necessarily personal. For illustrative means, Martin Buber’s I-Thou best depicts our personal relatedness, while Ramana Maharshi’s I-I best elicits the dynamic extropy of human potential via self-transcendence evolving consciousness to nonpersonal relatedness or absolute bliss of pure consciousness. 2. All reference to divinity is interdependent with divine energies. For illustrative means, Charles Sanders Peirce, Pierre Teilhardt de Chardin, Bede Griffiths, Bruno Barnhardt and Wayne Teasdale have allowed dialectical panentheism to emerge as evolutionary panentheism, which allows divinity to be in everything without necessarily being co-terminus with everything. Thus, everything is shot through with divinity AND everything has an end, while divinity may or may not end, albeit not at the same end point. Thereby, a reemergence of teleology and ontology accompany the paradigm shift of epistemology from a semiotics point of view and a subsequent semiotic plus epistemology blending into a synchronous epistemological semiotics.

As we now begin, my spirit name is Walks One Step Back or Shuddhachittananda – Bliss of Pure Consciousness. And, my dedication is always for All my relations,