Hi all:

On Nov. 21 nearly a dozen key constituency leaders met at One Spirit seminary in New York City for a discussion of our ongoing direction and strategy.  It lasted 2-4 hours depending on how long people could stay.  A major goal was people getting to know each other on a regular basis.  Given that, the following updates are pertinent:


l.  It seems likely that a regular Snowmass-like assembly can be created on the NE U.S.A. coast.  I have gotten a completely positive reply from many new folk in the NE that, yes, they would love to see something regular (along the lines of the Snowmass initiative) spring up on the east coast to further bring together, regularly, the numerous folk I have listed lately.  We really need to “max” this possibility esp. re: the emerging Association/Network.


2.  A Meta-Resource Link:  I’ve been trying to create a strategy to bring together all the recent resources on the NE coast together in one place re: links.  Therefore,  I’ve created a Video & Articles page at the Interspiritual Multiplex which links to all the recent new audios, videos, and articles AND ALSO the photo archive of Dawn of Interspirituality which is at Satyana. So I can use this ONE LINK in future emails and newsletters along with the Media Page link at www.thecominginterspiritualage.com  Here it is: http://multiplex.isdna.org/newpage28.htm 


3.  FYI, there is a new NAMASTE EZINE (free virtual color magazine available at this link) for the holidays with many great articles in it including one on Interspirituality by me and David Ord.   Here is the link:  http://issuu.com/yorkmin/docs/holiday_ezine_2013/1?e=0/5568903


4.  The next step for me will be a major Multiplex newsletter– but still adding the hundreds of names of new people.  A slow process.  Until the Association emerges more I’ll continue to try to use the Multiplex newsletter as a way to keep people up on what is going on internationally.


5.  For the holidays, here is a nice Slideshow of beautiful graphics and spiritual quotes.