Ed asked me to let people know that, post Dawn of Interspirituality, some of us in the early founding groups have been discussing possible future bold moves re: getting our vision more out there.

Particularly being discussed are creating a coalition to create a high-end media platform (like Beliefnet or Huffingon Religion) which would be peopled by all the movers and shakers now a part of our “movement”.

We’re also discussing organizing (esp. in NYC where so many people and resources are available to us) some major dialogue events in venues available to us AND making sure they are video’d to get out to the larger audience.

Such events could include three kinds of folk– those of us in the interspiritual vision, progressive leaders from major institutions who are both curious and supportive of our vision, and then more conventional leaders, who need to be drawn into the conversation.

So, I wanted to let you know this discussion is going on.  Feel free to contact me.  The only reason we did not post in detail about all this here is (1) we didn’t want to “jump the gun” and (2) we also wanted to respect the emerging Association process.   Our feeling is that any bold moves made by some of us would be a way of creating a new level of dialogue for the emerging Association to step into etc.

We realize this is an emerging process but some of us have traditionally been in the “prodding” seat and continue to entertain that ongoing role a bit.

love to all

kurt (and Adam Bucko)