I will furnish this description of the new book THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE.  My hope is that other blog members will characterize and post concerning Wayne’s three classic books.

Background:  Namaste Publishing, well known for their authors Eckhart Tolle, Michael Brown, and so on, came to me in 2011 and asked if I could join their Editorial Director, David Robert Ord in creating a book that would “update” the vision of interspirituality.  The result is THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE (Nov. 2012– to order see HERE), or:


Our hope is that THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE (TCIA) will spur and “amp-up” the interspiritual discussion worldwide to a new level.  Over 50 major spiritual and transformational leaders have written endorsements for TCIA and initial reviews have called it “a landmark contribution” (The Interfaith Observer, 11/12) and “a must read… at the cutting edge of spirituality”  (Kosmos, 11/12).  Discussions of TCIA have been recorded in November with Ken Wilber and David Korten.   Keep your fingers crossed!

As people become more and more familiar with this book we welcome discussion of it and its implications.  Let’s hope it can further our work in a big way.


The “formal description” of the book, from Namaste, Amazon etc. is below:

This book details the vision of interspirituality within a comprehensive and powerful synthesis of world religions and spirituality, the discoveries of modern science, and the developmental and evolutionary view of history. It is the first book to review and predict the ongoing history of world religions and spirituality in the context of developmental history, the evolutionary consciousness movement, and current scientific understandings of anthropology, human cognitive development, brain/mind and scientific consciousness studies.

This book addresses Brother WayneTeasdale’s vision of “The Interspiritual Age,” a vision that parallels the equally well-known and publicized visions of the world’s developmental and evolutionary consciousness movements (known therein as coming “Integral Age” or “Age of Evolutionary Consciousness”) and the international humanist movement (known therein as the emerging “International Ethical Manifold”). As such The Coming Interspiritual Age is the first synthesis of interfaith and interspirituality with the popular writings of integral leaders Ken Wilber and Don Beck.

The book includes provocative sections regarding the inherent unity within the world’s religious and spiritual understanding (especially their shared mystical understandings), the relationship of these and modern scientific studies of consciousness and brain/mind, the developmental and evolutionary views of history, the inevitable ongoing processes of world globalization and multiculturalism, the emergent understanding of the Divine Feminine, the nature of spiritual experience and the reputed spirit realms, and the various predictions around and surrounding the year 2012. The book concludes with extensive “how-to” sections regarding the development and practice of interspirituality as it can happen both within the world’s current religious traditions as well as in new, creative, and entrepreneurial settings worldwide.