I want to lend my voice to Tim Miner’s push for a network rather than an association. As soon as we organize interspirituality (by whatever spelling) into an association we introduce issues of ego and power that we might otherwise avoid. As soon as we set rules we have rulers, and we should wait at least 300 years before we raise up our own Constantine.

The impulse to organize is a modernist response to a postmodern phenomenon; and it is doomed to fail. Any attempt to formalize what is essentially a dynamic and emerging process will only dam the process (at worst) or become irrelevant to it (at best). Nobody knows what interspirituality is or where it is going–that is what makes it interesting and creative. And all efforts to define it are just egoic efforts to own it, direct it, and lead it.

There is no need to define or organize interspirituality. There is a need to foster conversation among those of us working in the flow of whatever is emerging spiritually in the 21st century, and a well-built and maintained network can do this.