BIG I Conference 2014Rami Shapiro, Rev. Claire Goodman and I would like to invite you all to the third annual BIG I Conference on Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness.  This is a TED-style forum with presentations on the best and newest ideas in our movement (Friday and Saturday).  There are workshops and special panel discussions on important topics for the movement.  We are publishing the website on Tuesday, December 17th which includes a tentative schedule for 2014 with registration forms and information plus a history of the first two conferences and speakers.  Find us at  We are also on Facebook at and Twitter at @bigiconference.

 Mission of the Big I Conference:

To bring together scholars and spiritual people to explore through dialogue and practices and scholarly publication, the evolution of human spirituality through inclusive theology and consciousness of interfaith, interspirituality and integral spirituality and commitment to serve the spiritually independent (spiritual-but-not-religious). Yes, that is why it is called the “Big I.

This 2014 conference focuses on four major themes:

  • The Early History of Inclusive Spiritual Thinking
  • The Relationship of Money to Spirituality in an Inclusive Theology
  • The Role of Chaplain Changing from Soul-care to Healer
  • The Future Role of Eco-Ministry and Eco-Chaplaincy
  • Youth Ministry in the movement
  • The future of INTEGRAL chaplaincy

At the 2014 conference we will also:

  • Honor the 2013 recipients of the Huston Smith Award for Interfaith Education
  • Award the new Interfaith-Interspiritual Award for Leadership, Vision and Service.
  • Enjoy the first Interfaith-Interspiritual-Integral Art Show in the world
  • Have a Poetry & Pastry evening and interfaith film viewing.
  • A co-ordination ceremony for those interested in pledging to OUnI.
  • The first national meet-up for the Spiritually Independent (aka SBNR).

Plan to arrive early and take a tour of Sedona before the conference begins.