Hey all.  I wanted to let the larger group know that smaller groups are meeting casually in NYC to further discussion of (1) the association/network and (2) possible directions, esp. those suggested in the recent post by me and Adam Bucko.

We think these small rather spontaneous conclaves help to (1) connect new friends further and (2) steep the ideas of ongoing vision and action.   We think it likely, that at least for NYC and the NE, we may be able to hatch some of those significant, but intimate, dialogues and meaningful gatherings in 2014, esp. aimed at the further positioning of this vision in the public and religions’ minds.   And… at the same time, the vision for the association/network can continue to emerge.

Thursday, for instance, I, Diane Berke, Ken Kitatani, Uttama Sloka Das and Adam will meet for some time together at One Spirit.  Ken and I will meet Sat. as well and Ken is also meeting some others on Saturday.  As I said recently, with some new interfaith networks becoming our friends now in the NE (like the Guild for Spiritual Guidance [Henri Nouwen] and Interweave) we suspect the need for these kinds of gatherings will grow.

There is also discussion of now others outside the NYC area may be able to chime in, attend, by our keeping each other in the loop re possibilities for small gatherings elsewhere as well.  Doug and others are in the loop on this.  So, this is an update!

BEST and love