Hi all:

Perhaps it was a “Fruedian slip” but during last night’s phone meeting for the leadership circle of the Community of The Mystic Heart, I overheard one person say, “…and Namaste is defining interspirituality to be…”   My first thought was that quoting Namaste on the facts of interspirituality was like quoting Johann Gutenberg on the facts of Christianity.  Yes, they are the media for delivery of the message, but they are NOT the authority nor the owners of the message.   I think that sense of ownership belongs to the extended “Alliance” that is doing the teaching, community building and ordaining of interspiritual ministers.   I have to print up several OUnI co-ordination certificates today for Interspiritual Ministers ™ where the “Alliance” is referenced in the fine print.  Is there a community and voice within Namaste that is now part of this greater community?… Just my initial thoughts on this and wondering what everyone else is thinking about moving interspirituality forward into the world.