Hello Colleagues:

This is in followup to my “NEW DEVELOPMENTS” Post recently.  I’m also sending it by email to all of you.  You will see that tomorrow (or next day at worst) will be a “big day” re” The Coming Interspiritual Age (TCIA) news.   And I want to link these developments with headsups about a lot that will start unrolling now across our networks.

Tomorrow we will begin distributing the new nearly 300 page EZINE for TCIA which has some 80 contributors.  It will include the past contributions and I regret we could not get more voices in their from our immediate network here.  ALSO, the NEW BOOK WEBSITE www.thecominginterspiritualage.com will go up, and I think Rory and Adam have a article also appearing in Huffington Post about this whole phenome!

Here are some heads ups about things that will be rolling out:

  • get togethers across the network are in the air which may help many of us engage, not the least of which is the upcoming Dawn of Interspirituality Conf.  When I announce the things above across my networks I will start banging the drum for Dawn of Interspirituality
  • the new Ezine has significant news about Snowmass Initiatve and Stephen Olsson’ new film about it
  • there will be big news issuing out of the Integral communities this fall as Ken Wilber’s health improvements have allows some forward moving, which will also engage the interspiritual aspect
  • the Contemplative Alliance’s big event in NYC in June will be significant with David Korten and many other significant voices
  • Ed Bastian continues his unfolding work, importantly he will work with One Spirit beginning this fall to begin CERTIFICATION in his Interspiritual Mediation modality
  • Many of us have been in touch with Andrew Harvey and Matthew Fox and they have been doing some exciting programs together
  • Matthews book with Adam Bucko is well on the way!
  • Diane is back soon from Africa; in my “slot” for some kind of course at One Spirit I think I have to address all the threads coming together in some kind of participatory course that tries to “survey” how all these threads can creatively interwork– and not the least of these is for me to figure out how to integrate this big international group– Global Harmony Association and its Center for

Ed is right that we are not utilizing this web/blog skillfully although we know it’s because everyone is so busy.  He is thinking of opening it up to voices who may have the time to take part.  We have to think this over because we don’t want to defeat our original purpose of having a “tight” venue for sharing.  There are a number of new voices out there that might be appropriate for this blog.  But that’s another discussion

OK,  in the next day or two you’ll see the new news re TCIA, the Ezine….