I wanted to point out that, with the emerging conversation around THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE we are beginning to see the sheer diversity of responses, and even disagreements and misunderstandings, about “what” “interspirituality” is etc. It is to be expected, of course, but we already see not only the diversity (and even confusion) we might expect, but also the “criticism” that Paul Chaffee of the Interfaith Observer predicted would happen once “interspirituality” got “more out there” to the public.

I think we need to welcome that diversity, of course, since that is how our audience widens, but also try to be as skillful as possible in how we field our own responses and replies to the public. We have a GREAT opportunity here to build the public’s understanding of what this paradigm is about, even as we are ALSO building our own. We cannot underestimate the diversity involved since, even among our own associates, and even friends, I have sensed not only disagreement but also criticism. Fielding this in a skillful, loving, patient way is one things interspirituality is about in the first place. We remember Bro. Wayne saying that the interspiritual discussion could underpin a new level of inter-religious discussion. In many ways we have this responsibility.

One of the upcoming ways to field and expand this conversation, along with books and other things that many of you are already writing, is the anticipated EZINE that Namaste Publishing will do around The Coming Interspiritual Age. Many of us are involved in that and it will be an opportunity to put a wider face on “interspirituality” to the public as well.

So, I wanted to write this note reminding us that this is an exciting time, but also a sobering time, as we field such a diversity of responses to this vision of “interspirituality”. It puts an even more important face on our discussions here at IS.com and the importance of our building this conversation for our own mutual education and moving foward together.