Hello all!  Several important updates–

l.  We ARE progressing toward the public website for the “network/ association” at this address!  Slight delay due to illness of a webmaker.

2.  We will welcome several new members soon– very substantial people coming into the “movement”.

3.  Several of us (Kurt, Ed, Ken, Karuna, Swami S., Mac) present Interspiritual Workshops over two days at the First National Happiness Conference in Vermont (May 29-June 1st) AND several us are parts of panels and other discussions in the main body of the conference.

4.  Several of us (Ken, Kurt, Mac, Rick Clugston, Karuna, Denise) leave for Colorado June 10-15, presenting programs on Interspirituality in Boulder, Aspen, Carbondale and Crestone.  We visit Ken Wilber on June 10th and Fr. Thomas Keating on June 12th.

5.  The eruption toward creating a big “Summit Meeting” for spiritual, transformational and ethic/ values groups in NYC in Sept. continues.  Meeting were/ are being held May 15 and 22nd to discuss.  Highly likely several other “movements” will join in rolling their hopes for a summit into this one as well.

6.  Several of us (Mac as administrator, Tim as creator) are part of the OUnI launch of its eco-ministry initiative.  See that section (Eco-Ministry) at www.ouni.org.  Mac hosts conference calls the next two days about this too!

We will keep you informed.  If you received the last NEWSLETTER of the Interspiritual Multiplex it had links for all these events and activities.

Best and love