Hi all; Briefly — and I’ll be writing to pertinent individuals.  I conducted a 3-day retreat for the Guild for Spiritual Wisdom founded by RC Mystic Fr. Henri Nouwen, and later John Youngblood and now Robert Jonas and others.  They see clearly that there “distiny” has been this emerging “Interspirituality”.  They have a number of very well positioned core members who I will be putting in touch with various of our core members so that people can “vision” and synergize the direction this may all take.

Two aspectsfirst of all there is a POWERFUL group of women in this group who would like to meet our women core “leaders”; I’m tossing in the idea that perhaps these women might put together a gather where they could meet Cynthia, Diane, Janet,  Kate etc. etc.  More on that soon!

second— there are two to three of their men who are very well positioned (books, events etc.) and would be ready to go on the road transitioning their former message to the one they see now emerging in our Interspirituality.  Esp. I am putting two of them in touch with Doug King (who really want to meet him and exchange ideas).   Mac Lagerton (who won an award with Wendell Berry– the poet re: mysticism/ecology etc.); Richard Siebels who is already speaking in various places on a vision much like ours and Brian Tucker.  I will send a separate email to various folk re: those among us they’d like to meet.

So, this is a new development

best and love– I’m off again now until Oct. 28