Hi Everyone:

It is obvious that we have a widely evolving group of individuals and organizations already moving forward with the concept of “Interspirituality.”  During the last meeting of the “working group” at the Dawn of Interspirituality Conference, Diane asked the question whether we should have a “network” and not an “association.”  I want to jump on that question right away.

The word “association” has very defined outcomes for IRS and legal purposes.  Do we want “By-laws” and rules to govern our operation?  These are requirements of associations.  If we can’t even agree on the spelling of “interspirituality/ inter-spirituality / InterSpirituality” then we are not ready for by-laws.  Those of us who are already in the process of ordaining “interspiritual ministers” and clergy cannot afford to subscribe to an outside association that jeopardizes our status as a “church.”  IRS tax rules say that “interfaith groups” are NOT eligible for 501c3 status as a church.  As we are starting to define interspirituality, it will be considered a form of interfaith dialogue.  Those of us who are promoting interspirituality beyond the dialogue to become a form of human spirituality cannot go back.   For now, I ask that we consider this a “network” of interspiritual individuals and organizations that are promoting the values of interspiritual interactions and relationships between people of different faiths and practices.

So what do YOU think?

Tim Miner OUnI