I get a lot of email traffic from people keying into our network, especially through Community of The Mystic Heart.  There is a pattern to this– many feel they are the pioneers in their local areas BUT they also expect that they may well not be alone for long.

But they DO wonder what the wider, and more organized, community is doing.  A comment that is striking is when they say “There is no doubt that interspirituality interests everyone, or is even the wave of the future, but what is it going to look like?”  or “OK, we have it in theory now, and everyone agrees, but what does it look like in practice?”

I usually acknowledge that they are exactly right and that what is going on is the moving into the “experimenting” stage that we speak about in TCIA.  That, yes everyone’s get the idea but how is it lived?  There is also a Homo sapiens “monkey mind” tendency in some of the emails I get to suggest that “we aren’t doing enuf” or “we aren’t setting the table for people”.  I remind them that that’s easy to say– we have done many programs and with mixed results etc….but that what is wise is the observation that this matter of the “doing” is everyone’s business and so they should get at their own work of devising their own experiments with what this may look like.

I also mention that anyone who comes up with a successful structure, methods, way, path, modality will undoubtedly be the true pioneers to lay out in front of this “how this will really work for people”.

But my point here is to say that this asking of “what do we do with his now?” seems to ebe the order of the day…. AND ALSO an asking for how more people can be involved in the core discussions, plannings and creatings.   It is interesting that in 2000 Wayne said he got the same responses after THE MYSTIC HEART– “great vision, now how do we put it into practice?”.  He said that was the most common response he got.

So, I just wanted to make that report.   I urge everyone to be a pioneer and not wait for someone ELSE to come up with models but to make models for themselves, find their soul groups etc.