Hello all:

My year-end report on developments across the Interspiritual landscape contained an abundance of information and links, so I want to share it also below.

Personal Note from Kurt Johnson
2014 update on the emerging global interspiritual phenomenon

I wanted to write you just before the New Year to update you on what is emerging with the global interspiritual movement– also now commonly known as the “emerging universal spirituality”.

2013 was a banner year for growth of this emerging phenomenon which already involves so many of you!  If you’ve followed updates from the Interspiritual Multiplex newsletter (which because of their bountiful illustrations and bannered links may sometimes go into your spam) you’ll already know that:

  • The book THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE received a “Best Spiritual Book of 2013” Award and has been doing much to advance the vision originally penned by Bro. Wayne Teasdale in his now classic book THE MYSTIC HEART:  DISCOVERING A UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALITY IN THE WORLD’s  RELIGIONS (see www.thecominginterspiritualage.com).


  • In October hundreds of world spiritual leaders and practitioners met at The DAWN OF INTERSPIRITUALITY CONFERENCE (http://www.satyana.org/conf-gallery.htmlto discuss the vision and future of the emerging global interspirituality.


  • We anticipate that 2014 will see the emergence of an INTERNATIONAL “ASSOCIATON” or “NETWORK” with a broad-based diverse leadership representting, and providing communication for, the thousands of persons and groups worldwide now recognizing the globalizing and multi-cultural phenomenon of interspirituality.  If you are interested in this contact me at kurtjohnsonisd@yahoo.com


  • Interspirituality was represented and explained at many 2013 GATHERINGS AND CONFERENCES.  For instance Kurt Johnson, Matthew Fox, Ed Bastian and Rory McEntee presented a live-streamed panel discussion at the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose CA in October.  For a complete list of such events (with related videos and audios) see www.thecominginterspiritualage.com/media) and also the NEW YOU-TUBE VIDEO LIBRARY ON INTERSPIRITUALITY at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1rOchwi6HWJm9kgNPkYeg


  • ADDITIONAL NEW BOOKS speficically on Interspirituality appeared from Matthew Fox, Mirabai Starr, Adam Bucko, Will Keepin et al, and others (you’ll find links to these in the last INTERSPIRITUAL MULTIPLEX newsletter) and 2014 will see new additions by Bucko and Rory McEntee.   SPIRITUAL PATHS and ONE SPIRIT SEMINARY continue their interspiritual teaching and COMMUNITY OF THE MYSTIC HEART remains an informal association dedicated to the advancement of Bro. Wayne Teasdale’s Interspiritual Vision.  Recently THE CONTEMPLATIVE JOURNAL has also dedicated itself to promulgating developments in global interspirituality.



I’m only one voice in the emerging interspiritual phenomenon but excited about the broad front that is now emerging globally, moving the already existing interfaith movement to the vision of interspirituality– an emerging universal spirituality.  Feel free to be in touch with me so I can put you in touch with others on this evolving journey!


TCIA as a Best Spiritual Book for 2013, see HERE