On September 29 to October  4, 2013, at the Dawn of InterSpirituality Conference at the Cascadia Center in Washington State, a group of about 25 of us met to consider the possibility of an InterSpiritual Association.  We met each day for about an hour.  On Monday, we discussed the need for an association and offered words that described the need.  On Tuesday, we offered our vision for the world we’d like to see and how an association might help create that world.  On Wednesday, we offered words and phrases into the circle that that described our vision.  On Thursday, we reviewed a draft of the vision and offered words into the circle to define the mission.  On Friday, we reported back to the full conference on the results of our sessions.

We agreed to continue the association formation process by using this InterSpiritual Blog.  Gradually, over the coming months let’s see if we can keep gradually working step by step on the following topics:

1. The Need
2. The Vision
3. The Mission
4. The Purpose
5. The Programs
6. The Committees
7. The Organization and Membership

Just as “InterSpirituality” is a grand experiment, so will be the formation of an association.  Just by agreeing to associate with each other, we are co-creating an association.  Let’s see how we can consciously build it together.

I will post topics on this blog pertaining to each step in the formation process.  Please comment on these as they are posted.