Hi all!  I just wanted to let you know that I’ve come off the last six weeks of many events with hundreds and hundreds of new contacts (all to be add to e-mailing lists on this end and all available to our ultimate directions together).

MY BIG TAKE-AWAY from the Science and Nonduality Conf. [700-1000 there] (I, Ed, Matthew Fox and Rory did a panel on “The Emerging Universal Spirituality” (which was live-streamed) and Ed, Matt and I also did individual presentations) was this:  MANY people asked if there is a website that can ‘sum-up’ where this whole arising “interspiritual movement” is at.  I had to say “no” but could give them the websites of various of us, which I did.

It appears there is a big need for a multi-face website representing the many many “leaders” who are a part of our confluence at this time, and the overall vision– and probably should be an eventual direction of “The Association”.

Meantime, we move now into the pre-holiday “lull” (I hope); I had another week of events after San Jose but now things start to settle out.  I will concentrate on being back in touch with people and integrating into my/our records/email lists all these new people.

So, BEST wishes, and more soon as I have a chance to change course a bit.  By the way, we’re excited that Barnet Bain is making a film of Milton’s Secret (Eckart Tolle’s last book with Namaste); David Ord and I were on his show (“Cutting Edge Consciousness” www.barnetbain.com) in CA recently.

love to all