Here are the two definitions being posted by Namaste Publishing:

First, by Connie Kellough, CEO of Namaste:

At the heart of all spiritual traditions are love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, charity – the practices that bring the deepest well-being to all of us.  These spiritual traditions may carry different names and have their own outward practices but fundamentally are One in their pure nature.

As such, Interspirituality embraces diversity, knowing that together we represent a singular wholeness.  When there is wholeness, nothing can be missing.  It contains our individual spiritual tradition and simultaneously every one’s spiritual tradition.  We experience our wholeness, our Oneness, by valuing and acting with caring respect for all.

Interspirituality joins the personal “I” with the larger “We”.  It is the next step in our human evolution, driven by imperatives but more so from  the common heart that beats within us all.


Second, one submitted to Namaste by a reader, Jody Lotito-Levine

Interspirituality is the Heart space of all religions and spiritual traditions – of humanity itself.  It is an exploration of ourselves so deeply rooted in unconditional love that any creed, belief, background, history that could cause separation between human beings and within a human being, dissolves.  It is the next step in our evolution which includes the profound understanding that we are simultaneously independent, interconnected, and interdependent. What emerges is an unmistakable experience of wholeness and oneness that makes room for all of us, all of each other and all that is unfolding.  Therefore Interspirituality naturally embraces the deepest practices of well being – love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, charity, freedom – and is, in and of itself, a dialogue of deep connection among all people and all nations.