Dear Colleagues:

Much is happening, and new constituencies are appearing that we will need to factor in more and more to our own evolving community.  I want to make you all aware of some of these.

As well, Namaste will be issuing a much expanded TCIA EZINE within a week involving many new voices, from Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, Jonathan Granoff, Valarie Kaur, Deborah Moldow, Monica Willard, Oscar Miro-Quesada etc.  etc.  I bullet point major points below:

  • I think we want to bring Mirabai Starr in closer and closer with all our activities
  • A new constituency we may want to invite in is the new Los Angeles Interfaith Seminary founder Zach Perlman (also founded Monks without Borders).  They are contributing to the expanded TCIA EZINE.
  • Another new constituency we may want to invite in is the new Contemplative Journal founding group,  They are also contributing to the expanded TCIA EZINE
  • Another new constituency we want to be aware of is the Global Harmony Association and their Center for Interfaith Harmony and Peace from Harmonye intiatives.  Growing from Russia to 80 countries now, I said YES to being involved so I could get us in the door and Ed Bastian and Diane Berke are also now in touch with them.  They big website is at:
  • Stephen Olsson is also including the film made at Snowmass in June in the new Ezine and I am working with him regarding linking the film to the wider resources of the growing interspiritual community.

I just wanted to make sure that each of you were aware of these new developments and potential directions.  The new EZINE will do a lot to further create a diverse but communicating community!  And since it really gets around that helps us all!  OK, I will email this all to you to so you don’t miss it.