GREAT meeting in Nashville and a big thanks to Tim Miner and OUnI.  And, by the way, Fr. Keating has now sent an Endorsement for The Coming Interspiritual Age.

My recent on-line discussions with Ken Wilber (at under NOW) and with Rick Archer (at show interesting patterns in the responses to which a number of people have already called attention.

Whereas, the discussion at Integral Life– a discussion of full-spectrum engagement in the word by Awakened Awareness– has gotten over 200 LIKES, the discussion at BATGAP — where many proponents of “Neo-Advaita” tune in– has shown a propensity of responses saying “It is not enlightened to want to help the world” “the world is an illusion” “anyone wanting to help the world is not enlightened” “we only have the responsibility to awaken, not to try to help the world” ETC.  And, of course, they quote the great sages   to buttress this “escapist” AND DUALISTIC point of view.  They do not seem aware that this is an evolving paradigm.  Have the missed the entire Evolutionary Consciousness discussion?????

This is very interesting!  Of course it shows that people are concerned about their I quadrant first, the We quadrant second and, somewhere down the line, if at all, occurs their concern about the It and It’s quadrant.  But it also brings up the concern that Rabbi Rami Shapiro at Nashville that, indeed, there may not be time for humanity to save itself by full spectrum awakening.

I just wanted to comment on how this pattern of “spiritual bypass” is still SO BIG and SO POPULAR in the “Dharma community”.  We have a lot of work to do! And several dharma teachers who have responded to me also say that they are amazed at the prevelence of these view in their communities.