From my 4 day program at SUNY Binghamton has spun off not only some major new opportunitities for us but also a new group to partner with at the level of programs and future innovating:
  • I recently hosted a four-day program at State University of New York (Binghamton) with the world’s no 1 scientist on Altruism, Dr. David Sloan Wilson.  It was sponsored by Templeton Foundation funding of the Binghamton Spirituality and Religion Project and the Evolution Institute ( ).
Dr. Wilson announced he believes the Interspiritual movement and interspiritual vision is the most salient example of religions’ evolutionary adapational edge in the process of globalization and multiculturalism.
We are planning some major stuff now on how interspiritality (as multiple belonging. trans-traditional spirlituality, global spirituality, universal spiriltuality, etc.) represents a leading edge of the human adapation to globalization…..
  • FURTHER,  Dr. Wilson has a consciousness (but not necessarily religious-based) ACTIVIST networkwith regard to emerging altruism that he wants to aggressively link with us, the Interspiritual Movement (and it’s spinoff movements like New Monasticism etc.).
We need to study this.  Here are the links:
    • I ALSO Attended the founding of Karenna Gore’s Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary today, representing the Interspiritual Network and Forum 21.   THEY ALSO want to study the link with Wilson…
    • THE MAJOR NEW Interspiritual Leaders we can harvest from the Binghamton circle are
    1)  the links I plan to make with Dr. Wilson and
    2)  Rev. Will Baez (Methodist minister, activist and major interspiritual mystic) who has a proposition re: a new center and it’s possible connection to the NEW MONASTICISM Movement which I will send also to Adam and Rory, and
    2)  Rev. Arthur Suggs (UCC minister, nondual mystic, and host of a LARGE congregation in Binghamton, which is really interspiritual/ interfaith and, in its LARGE church and adjoining facility hosts 6 other traditions– including Zen, Buddhism traditional, Course of Miracles, Unity and Science of Mind, and various yogas…..
    Baez, Suggs and Wilson set up the program based on their reading The Coming Interspiritual Age.
    They REALLY want to partner with us, OUNI, CIC-USA etc.  Mac and I willl follow up and I will send Will’stuff to Rory and Adam and also some stuff he wants Kate to see for Contemplative Journal.
    lots of love