There have been some inputs/posts here re: the process of proceeding toward the “Association” or “Network”.  Here is an update.

The “committee” (Ed Bastian, Diane Berke, Kurt Johnson) mandated with the Dawn of Interspirituality’s process re: this has recently been meeting and (1) Ed and Kurt are processing some “Bullet Points” which will be shared with everyone so the discussion can moved to some consensus about steps for moving forward; meantime

(2) They have also been in touch with various farflung elements of the interspiritual community to further feel out additional pulses on where, and how, this is all going.

Once the “Bullet Points” are posted we’ll have a very concrete possible framework for further moves.  A rather significant group of “us” (the “Committee” AND others) will be meeting in person in early Febr. in New York City.  We want to use this time to process the “Bullet Points” and possible directions across a wider discussion group and hopefully then have a solid consensus direction.