Hi All– over the last weeks I’ve done a BUNCH of programs/events re: The Coming Interspiritual Age and want to share some observations.

The list is something like this:  Interview/Discussion with David Korten (2 hrs); Science and Nonduality Conference, San Francisco (about 100 people); Meta Center New York City (with David Grossinger and Howard Bloom) (around 100 people); Ethical Culture New York (around 100 people), Philadelphia Town Meeting with Ashok Gangadean on Emerging Globalism (about 200 people); Wisdom Thinkers gathering (Syracuse Univ., about 100 people) and also the two hour discussion with Ken Wilber.

What is strikingly TRUE of all these gatherings is (1) how eager people are for this vision and (2) how fast they “get it”.  Also, it’s apparent you can directly invite audiences to go more to the heart and mix that with their head comments instead of just doing the head– AND they respond, amazingly!  Also, it’s apparent they are eager to learn now to disseminate this vision and more about how they themselves can take ownership of it and thus bec0me part of the cause!

This is no an exaggeration and very gratifying.  Also gratifying is how much the partners in such discussions want to “do it again”.

I think the message here is that the field is ripe for this expansive message and all of us should get at skillful as we can with creating and effectuating opportunities to spread the vision– and not as “nailed down as this or that” but with the huge kind of diversity that it invites and further, exploring directly with people how we emphasize this synergistic diversity and not be pretending that this will move toward anything “clear” all that soon.  It’s kind of like what Adam Bucko has said about Occupy– that the more diverse it’s allowed itself to be the more traction it has seemed to have.

That said, I also have dinner with some visiting Dharma teachers Friday night and they all emphasized YES to the above BUT that we also have to emphasize the need (as did Matt Cobb in his post here) of the “Consciousness Piece” — the deep spiritual practice peace– so as not just to move to a New Age-y pablum of emotional love that lacks a deeper compass….. So, I’m learnng alot as all this disseminates.

Actual books of The Coming Interspiritual Age should start arriving right after Dec. 8th, I’m told.  So, spread the word on that!