It is interesting that The Parliament of the World’s Religions (unsolicited) ran an announcement concerning the publication of THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE both at their website, in their widely distributed e-newsletter, and there PeaceNext blog.

In that note they acknowledged TCIA as a continuance of the work and vision of Brother Wayne Teasdale (who served on their Board of Directors for years) and also cited a number of major endorsers of the book and provided a very nice short description.  They also noted that TCIA has been in Amazon’s Top 10 re: New Releases (it appears to have gotten up to No. 6 on Jan. 7, the day before its Amazon Release).  It has remained in the Top 20 even when transferred to the larger lists upon release.  The Kindle version is brand new so statistics there will take a while to form up.

The Parliament’s unsolicited announcement adds consistency between our present work, and the work of our predecessors in a way that I think is very helpful.  It helps make this book, and the subject, MUCH more well known to the world’s religious communities.  And, for those already knowing of the book it adds further “legitimacy”.  Obviously it makes also suggests that  “interspirituality” is easily considered “mainstream” and, perhaps in that there is a recognition that interfaith has naturally morphed into interspirituality.

At best this reflects Mirabai’s comments that the interspiritual “take” is becoming not only more and more widespread but is readily recognized as the “trend” of today.  If so, GREAT!  Further, it suggests that a transition from subculture to “movement” (whatever THAT is) is perhaps possible.

At any rate, I think a lot of this was unexpected– certainly to me.