The purpose is to create an interspiritual commons where teachers/mentors/leaders can communicate with each other about the general development of interspirituality and about our specific areas of interest.  It is a place for thoughtful, contemplative and practical conversations about our projects and our vision for interspirituality.  Here, we can share our experiences, vulnerabilities, questions and perspectives without the need to promote our particular programs or agendas.

This “blog” format has the virtue of providing an ongoing record of conversations over time and to provide a forum wherein cross fertilization, consensus, and mutual support can emerge and flourish.  Although emails will still be important for personal communication, this format will be inclusive and ongoing.  Since it will take some time and care to develop the site the initial membership might best be limited.

This first draft is intentionally simple.  I have purposely avoided any “spiritual” design elements so as not to prejudice it with the aesthetic of one tradition or another.  And, I have purposely avoided infusing it with any meta-metaphysical flavor that might not be shared by particular members of our group as it expands to include more people.

This site will have a variety of categories that pertain to interspirituality.  These will include the projects that you are individually working on with either an implicit or explicit connection to the term interspirituality.   An initial set of categories is listed on the right column of this page.  Ideally (from my perspective) each category will be “managed” by a single person (or team) who has a strong interest in that category and who will stimulate open and vibrant conversations around them.  This will be a good place to inform the other members about your ideas and activities and to encourage their input and participation.  By having managers for each category, I am hoping that this discussion forum can reflect the ideas and intentions of those who are most directly engaged in that category.

For those who are “managing” and “authoring” the initial posts in these categories, I would like to communicate with you individually to show you how to initiate posts and manage your group discussions.

Please regard this first draft as a foundation for building structures and policies that work best for everyone.