Spiritual Paths convenes distinguished teachers to convey the transformative principles and theories of the world’s spiritual traditions, and to train students the practices of meditation and contemplation. We call this work “InterSpiritual” because of the unique process of group meditations and our continuing dialog around contemplative intentions, methods, and experiences. Working together, we co-create an inner foundation for active engagement in the world.

Our thematic programs and educational materials help participants develop a sustainable contemplative practice, benefit from the wisdom of diverse traditions, and create a community of people from many spiritual perspectives to solve the challenges of our time.

The exceptional value of the Spiritual Paths classes and programs comes from an integrated training in a primary practice along with systematic exposure to practices from other traditions. This uniquely inclusive education and training helps students to develop a mature, comprehensive, and sustainable meditative practice, giving rise to compassion, wisdom, equanimity, meaning, and purpose. Each of our educational and public service projects are based on these principles. The goal of all our programs is to help each individual develop their own spiritual path and to develop a universal InterSpiritual Wisdom to guide us in our personal lives, relationships, professions, and service in the world.

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