During one of the morning “break out” sessions at the Dawn of Interspirituality Conference, I was, well, “shocked” to hear one of the speakers say that we couldn’t practice in a certain way because “that was syncretism.”  Really?

I’m sorry but one of the strong attractions to many of us is that ‘interspirituality means never having to say you are sorry for a syncretism!” For those of us actively involved in interfaith ministry, an “interspiritual practice” gives us the chance to go beyond the “stove piped” faiths in their pure form and move to individual practices that meet our unique spiritual needs– even if the end result is mixture of several different faith traditions.

In that spirit, recently Rami Shapiro and I co-wrote a short blog for the new Medium.com media.  Medium is the longer “blogging” partner for those of us using the short 149-character Twitter.  Twitter has replaced Facebook as the social-media of choice for the younger generation.  This new site gives the Twitter crowd a bigger format to share their messages through blogs.  Rami and I are blogging “interspirituality” to these folks.

Here is our blog titled….” The End of Heresy.”  It is a short 3-minute read for the younger social-media-savvy generation.  https://medium.com/religion-spirituality-and-philosophy/b9a0d86d8a1c

What do you think?