BIG I Conference registerHi All….

Time to register for the next conference in our “series.”  This is the third annual BIG I Conference for Inclusive Theology, Spirituality and Consciousness.  This year Mirabai Starr and Rev. Claire Goodman OUnI join thEco-Ministere co-host team with Rami Shapiro and me.  The goal of this annual event is to present the “best of interfaith, interspirituality, integral spirituality and the spiritually independent.  ECO-MINISTRY is a big topic this year. Last night the board of directors of the Order of Universal Interfaith voted to create the ecclesiastic stature of “Eco-minister” and award it to a key group of highly qualified players to begin talking about how to manifest this ministry in the world.  Also on the schedule will be MONEY & SPIRITUALITY, CHANGING CHAPLAINCY (Unitive and Integral), RISE OF THE SPIRITUALLY INDEPENDENT, and HISTORIC LEADERS as some of the other topics.  Daily practices in the Arizona desert and the first ART SHOW and POETRY READING round out the weekend with Sunday breakouts.  JOIN US THERE!  See the Program.  Register ONLINE.   Thank you.